So what exactly is The Great British Job Search?

In a nutshell, it’s your chance to learn essential stuff to help you get a new job, whilst being part of a community of like-minded jobseekers. Refreshingly honest advice and answers when you need them most.



Is your CV really any good? Have you considered whether it makes you stand out from other people applying for the job that you want? And whilst we are on the topic of jobs, are you applying for the right jobs? What happens if someone asks you to interview for a job? Are you ready? We can help you with all this stuff and more.



THE community

Job searching is an incredibly lonely activity. Not only do you spend hours searching online for new jobs, you literally have no one to talk to about your search. Our community is for like-minded people who understand what you are going through. By supporting each other, everybody wins. Join the Free Facebook Group




As recruiters, we know a thing or two about job searching. We have a ton of practical knowledge in addition to a very straight-talking approach. The GB Job Search is our way of passing on all the essential knowledge, tips and insider info that you need but we know you need more so the Job Search Event will give you access to more experts.




We ran our very first Great British Job Search event back in 2020 to help people deal with the overwhelming redundancy and furlough problems that came as a result of Covid 19. Since then we have run several free challenge events, including The Job Search Resolutions.




You ask. We listen. We answer. Whatever your situation, your frustration, your worry or your fear right now, we are here to try and answer the questions that you have about your job search. We want to help, and if we can give you the answers that you need, we will.




Sometimes controversial, but always honest. We are here to tell you the truth and to give the refreshingly honest advice that you need in order to move forward. There will be no sugar-coating or false hope. If your CV is average, you need to know. If you are applying to the wrong jobs, you need to know. This is not your usual job search advice, but it does have heart.